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The Dynamic DIVA’s emphasizes is on the 360° of empowerment equals evolution of constant change – our methodology is "Transition to Transformation" in personal or professional life has a return of 360° growth investment.  Revisiting and changing the female’s outlook on her life, broadening her horizons, and helping to empower themselves.  By sharing our experiences and how our past could affect their future.


Addressing the pre-teen & teenage female and women; made the importance of developing programs that meet the needs of in their formative years discussing key challenges/issues/situations of self-worth, goals, aspirations and providing resources.


The DIVA's reinforces the message that women are the nucleus of all that is beautiful and need not objectify themselves to be heard or see. 


Their power is in their action/words and outcome of using them combined


  • Provide equal access to our programs for girls and women from ALL walks of life.

  • Provide nutritious food at every event.

  • Provide consistent group mentorships from diverse adult role models who share their professional expertise, personal advice, and networks.

  • Build long-lasting friendships and “positive girl-culture” between participants from different neighborhoods, religions, cultures, economic backgrounds, and generations

  • Listening to the youth  and women we serve to continue to develop real time workshops and resources. 

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