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Who We Are


The Dynamic DIVA's of Virginia, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for female youth and women mentoring organization based in Virginia Beach.   


Our mission is to provide an environment or platform where female youth and women can come together to start a conversation about life's challenges, triumphs, and transitions.   


Sharing life experiences,  provide resources and become an avenue of support in changing the narrative and engineering a blueprint for female empowerment.


Our energies are towards promoting self-worth, health & wellness, financial literacy, and career/job readiness. Discover some of the great programs and initiatives we lead at the Dynamic DIVA’s of Virginia, and see how we are working towards making a difference in the lives of female youth and women in the community.  

Our mission is to prepare and empower the female youth and women in disadvantaged areas with life skills and values to assist with overcoming challenges that have affected them or the family.



Youth Driven Workshops

Career Readiness Workshops

Financial Literacy Workshops

Parents Empowerment Conference

Youth Mentoring

Community Service and Volunteering

Speaking Engagements

Virtual Meet Up's

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_ Diva Danielle

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