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Super Bowl 2021 - O and R

Today’s message is about obligation and responsibility.

As humans we are all aware that life is situational and that we enlist people, resources or things to use as a point of reference. We seek an immediate advice or fix to things that are affecting us especially when we have not taken a hard and long look at our spirit in the mirror. We turn to what others say and do before turning to self-responsibility. How many of us rely on other’s opinion and put it first because we feel obligated to them. Setting aside self-responsibility. Let us define them: self-responsibility is being able to own your own emotional conflicts without blame or projection upon another person by making it their fault.

Self-obligation definition is a course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound. It compels us to follow or avoid a particular course of action. So let’s look at these examples: how many of us have been told who we should date, what type of job we should have, not to open that business, don’t associate with certain people etc. Which can be good or bad…it’s like a box of chocolate you never know how sweet until you bite into it or 60 seconds on the clock 4th Qtr and the ball is on the 10 yard line and the quarterback drops back to pass and you are holding your breath for a 1st down or TOUCHDOWN.

These often interlock and puts a freeze on your 360 of alignment. Alignment with personal or professional relationships because the question arising am I obligated to do this or am I accountable for this. Your alignment consist of components: emotional wellness, environmental wellness, financial wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, intellectual wellness and spiritual wellness. To reach your full potential you must be obligated to take responsibility for your well-being and what & who consumes your life. It is important that you have strength to determine how your life progresses – again you must be willing to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Keeping in mind living one day at a time, and enjoying one moment at a time, savoring true relationships and life situations while accepting hardship as the pathway to peace

For this Soulful Sunday, dinner has a buffet of emotional, environmental, financial, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual wellness with a large slice of peace.

I hope this Soulful Sunday brings you a thought or Word to carry with you. I pray that all reading this message stays safe and healthy. Please remember to reach out to loves, staying connected. Always remember to ask How are You Doing? For this many can affect and change the person being asked and how can benefit from our care and concern.

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