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Spirit of Success for Women

Soulful we start this Sunday, please take a moment to inhale the new and exhale the old. Today's word is the spirit of success for women. It has been said Success happens when preparation meets opportunity

As National Women's month- we have celebrated the trials, triumphs, challenges, defeats of women all over the world. Applauding every aspect if their lives...yet, we have seen the ugly eye of jealousy, glamorization and chit chatter of their success. I wanted this message today to remind of that competition should not be in the circle of sisterhood or women empowering women. We should Always uplift each other communicate and collaborate with each other. If you have an issue with another woman or the positivity she wants to bring forth...then you must realize that your issue is with yourself and you must reevaluate yourself...

As Women we must always bring our best women lives to survive the elements of today. We are in control of how we judge meaning - it's like how we see a tree.

You can only judge or dismiss the tree of a person until you see, smell the fragrance

or taste the fruit their bear. As women, we are roots of foundations to many, branches to reach & teach. We must work hard to show them you are articulate, educated, purpose driven and resilient. Let us celebrate the women in our lives, of history and those making their mark now. As you set your table for Sunday dinner remember to have hefty servings of compassion of others, strength for the weak & weary, life lessons to educate and words of wisdom to feed the soul. I hope that these words have inspired you. Please remember to reach to family and friends- ask them "How are you doing"

Until next Sunday

Stay safe and healthy...

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