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Emotional Currency

Soulful Sunday

Take a moment to exhale the negative and inhale the's message is the Currency of You.. Currency is the way of the world - everyone needs and uses some form. Used to buy, invest, secure and remove...the most trade, misused or undervalued is the emotional currency we possess from birth...

We invest our emotional currency in people and things. We secure our emotional currency around promises, fake news or images. Or we remove our emotional currency when we hurt, with trauma or addiction. Did you ever realize How hard we work at getting the bag, having fat pockets or living large...focusing on paper/coin currencies...never that hard on the emotional currency which is the hardest to rebuild when you are unsure or facing the fear of the unknown.

We put our energies into the physical gains from currency to relieve the uncertainty from recognizing the debits to our mental peace and deplete our emotional currency. This message is to rebuild your emotional currency by working from a process of spiritual alignment. Just as you purposely put money into your savings account- you must do the same with your emotions. Deposit positive affirmations, celebrate your success in the present, learn from your losses, remove the things that prevent you (stop investing or spending) from building your emotional currency...

Let's start to build up our individual banks with spirituality, direction, self love and faith. Making our account wealthy and in abundance. Let today's Soulful Sunday table setting be filled with a hefty servings of self resilience and reflection, side of open mindedness and truth and for dessert a bowl of peace and determination.

We hope the Soulful Sunday message has brought you inspiration and encouragement.

pray that you are staying safe and healthy. Please remember to check on your family and friends to ask them "How are you doing?" Until next Sunday.

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