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Embrace Engage Educate Empower our Women - COVID-19

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Finding Your ZEN during the pandemic

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations like COVID-19. Our mothers, aunts, sisters, cousins and girlfriends may feel anxious, mad, sad, alone or overwhelmed. You can support your sister, reduce stress and encourage & empower them during this time..

The strength of women come in many shapes, sizes, colors, backgrounds, beliefs and circumstances. Women empower each other with love & sharing their testimonies.

Love is a verb and action word.

Nowadays it’s extremely common for people to find themselves living stress-ridden and hectic lives. Women often find ourselves in a hurry to do and achieve so many things – trying to balance careers, families, side-hustles, social lives, workouts & more leave feeling for lack of a better word – drained. It can be considered somewhat of a recent phenomenon for people to feel dissatisfied if we’re not experiencing complete happiness & fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.

  • Be Good to Your Body - Exercise - Move Your Body

  • Make time to unwind and do activities you enjoy - listen to music/ read/ cook/arts & crafts

  • Talk with family and friends phone, text or email even a video callwith - technology everything can be done virtually

  • Be Kind to you Mind - decide where to focus your attention "Positive Affirmations" Love the person in the Mirror

Talk with family and friends by phone, text, or email.

Be Kind to Your Mind - decide where to focus your attention " Positive Affirmations" Staying focused

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