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A New Generation of Women - Women Empower Women

Skilled Labor is not just for Men - Women are making a difference

Women make up nearly half of the American workforce. However, a lack of exposure to skilled labor careers, in combination with a lack of focused female recruitment and issues such as sexual discrimination and harassment, has traditionally curtailed the number of women working in the skilled labor trades. The Dynamic DIVA's acknowledge that efforts to close the skills gap should include workshops aimed specifically to address career readiness, self-esteem, financial literacy and vocational training opportunities focusing on how to set goals.

Featured Ms. Jessica Yaber met Dynamic DIVA Danielle White at a job fair summer of 2019 at local vocational school career fair where she was representing her employer. Ms. Yaber wasn’t actually looking for a job at that time, and just happened to stopped by her old school where the job fair was taking place. She saw the employer who has hiring and met Mrs. White, who was speaking to other students and I went up to the table where they start talking about skilled labor opportunities, why it is important for women to empower to women and mentioned the company was hiring welders.

Ms. Yaber continues to follow the Dynamic DIVA's and has brought her daughters to attend events hosted by the Dynamic DIVA's. She has also brought others friends to become acquainted with the mission on the Dynamic DIVA's of Virginia as they create an environment that address diverse points of view and life experiences.

The Dynamic DIVA's are honored to celebrate the wealth in legacies, cultures and beliefs that exist in womanhood everywhere.

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