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“Am I Fine or Am I Good”

On this Soulful Sunday, please take a moment to inhale new thoughts and energy and exhale the old. As we are ending the 7th week of 2021 – many things have happened or started whether it be positive or negative. Today’s message is “Am I Fine or Am I Good” – what does that represent?

We all have responded to someone with the answer I’m fine…whether it be true or not… that is the go to answer. Come on now – real talk that is the response when come face to face with our disappointments, when we are in an argument or upset, as a knee jerk response to embarrassment or when we are scared to tell someone who we are feeling or unsure of how to proceed. Have you realized that when you ask someone “How are you feeling?” and they respond I’m Fine has become one of the most commonly used and acceptable answers to a question like that. But the reality is we need to think inside of the box and ask “How are you doing” Reason is Doing and feeling are two separate things, the 'doing' is happening on the outside, while the 'feeling' is happening on the inside.

Let us think about this when we encounter people in our lives and their position meaning that they can become the SMS: Supportive Motivating Synergy or SNAPChat: Synthetic Now Attention Performers. Meaning a SMS can be referred back to where a SnapChat is there and gone. So we must align those SMS with the question “ How are you doing” to be able to reference the Supportive

Motivating Synergy that is needed to make someone feel I’m GOOD and I am currently aware of how well I am, and how well my life is going" Everything is working together for my GOOD. This is my season to reap what I have sown. Real Talk I would rather have a SMS than a SnapChat anyday. ALWAYS - Reach out to those that celebrate You for being You…. Always wanting to build you up, support your endeavors, shout you out just because.. Who sincerely cherish and honor You the person. In closing focus on solutions – give yourself the power, release the stress and anxiety. By connecting to your body, taking a few deep breaths and really feeling what it would be like to make a decision. Rely on your personal blueprint to engineer and align your choices with your ultimate purpose in life. Learn how to navigate through the challenges and situations life brings, rather than avoiding or suppressing it. Transform your thought process to crush negative behaviors – and any obstacles in your path.

Change the Narrative….

For this Soulful Sunday dinner offering has a buffet of healthy portions of seasoned directions, grace, faith, love and spiritual wellness with a large slice of peace. I hope this Soulful Sunday brings you a thought or Word to carry with you. I pray that all reading this message stays safe and healthy. Please remember to reach out to loves, staying connected. Always remember to ask How are You Doing? For this many can affect and change the person being asked and how can benefit from our care and concern.

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