Building Strong Female Teens and Women by Sparing Change.

The Dynamic DIVA’s of Virginia, Inc. Transition to Transformation Program has the distinction of being in a position to host workshops for the female teenager and women; curriculum developed for targeting teen girls and women from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds.  These workshops will include all from different demographical backgrounds: economic, educational, race and family composition to introduce and demonstrate the importance of self-esteem and self-worth.  Exhibiting and reinforcing he importance of womanhood as it is consistently identified as “the glue” that holds family together.   

Building the foundation starting with self-esteem and self-worth will be recognized inwardly and project outwardly.  The Dynamic DIVA’s program provides the foundation for an effective learning in an organic approach working with female teens and women because the lessons are based on real experiences and challenges of their lives either family or professional settings.

Collaborating with business and local agencies, nonprofits to provide workshop input, informational brochures provides an upward progression for success.  Through group discussion sessions, the curriculum offers practitioners a field-tested guide to working with female teens in providing support, information and motivation in areas of life skills, parenthood, relationships, health, and financial literacy. Transition to Transformation program also offers a methodology for training and learning, and assessment tools.


The Transition to Transformation Program are based on life skills, job readiness, financial literacy and overcoming real experiences and challenges women face.. Through group discussion sessions, the curriculum providing support, information and motivation in areas of life skills.



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