Our goal is to introduce, rebuild and reaffirm our girls and women by empowering, uplifting and recognizing the strength and beauty within outwardly.  

The Dynamic DIVA’s community impact will be recognized in programs and services aligned with our methodology towards empowerment  in the areas of Stability and Personal Development (Self-Confidence & Self –Esteem), Education/Job Readiness, and Financial Literacy help to improve female youth/teens girls and women in undeserved community across Hampton Roads.


Programs conducted by the Dynamic DIVA’s carry out are specific to subject matter; for example our “Spare Change” teen program , mentoring workshops, Mother-Daughter activities, empowerment conferences and community service activities such as the beautification and an annual holiday dinner & gifts for the domestic violence shelter.   These concepts are the beginning education process that incorporates high energy, discussion, activities and concludes with the individual and corporate empowerment and life enrichment.


The DIVA programs are specialized based on the participants’ grade level. The young ladies or women will learn age appropriate skills as well as being surrounded by peers in their age range,  therapeutic counselors and motivational speakers.   


MENTORING PROGRAMS: Dynamic DIVA’s have designed programs that offer the critical dimensions of mentoring programs and what they can expect from a mentoring. The Dynamic DIVA’s are incorporating writing, job readiness and financial literacy workshops in our mentoring programs that can be tailored for teens and adult women.


The DIVA’s goals and expectations for the mentor/mentee relationship is the emphasize integrity for those entering or in the work force, strengthening the understanding of accountability, and self worth.  Evaluating individual and corporate life experiences for growth effective relationships. COMMUNITY


VOLUNTEERING: Dynamic DIVA’s have partnered up with other non-profit organizations for community events, providing incentives and initiatives in developing positive productive attitudes while building self-esteem and self-worth


SPONSORSHIP: Dynamic DIVA’s symbolize the strength and the benefit of sponsorship, because it is a form of positive return on investment (ROI). Since sponsorship is a business arrangement.   The Dynamic DIVA’s will work with the sponsor to standardize an evaluative criterion that will be used to establish the suitability of a proposed event in relation to the sponsor’s objectives. With the concept of sponsorship and cause-related marketing has to emerge into corporations seeking sponsorship with non-profits, grassroots organizations, churches etc.   With the increase in sponsorship requests from event organizers and non-profit organizations seeking sponsorship for events that bring awareness to causes; such as poverty, bullying, violence, personal development, etc., the Dynamic DIVA’s are driven to secure corporations that understand and value the importance of empowering the undersexed communities as well.


The Dynamic DIVA’s are seeking sponsorship which can:

  • raise brand awareness and create preference

  • create positive PR and raise awareness of the organization as a whole

  • provide attractive content for engagement by the community and the participants of the activities hosted by the group.

  • build brand positioning through associative imagery consideration

  • create and converting internal emotional commitment to the brand and group

Our mission is to embrace, engage, educate and empower the next generation in their formative years about issues of self-worth, goals, and aspirations, the DIVA's projects and lives out the message that young women need not objectify themselves or relinquish their autonomy to be accepted.  We understand the need for positive self-images and a strong sense of awareness. "EMPOWERMENT STARTS AT HOME."




Dynamic DIVA’s are seeking to partner up with public schools, other non-profit organizations for community events, providing incentives and initiatives in developing positive productive attitudes.





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